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Artist Statement:


My art has been described (by myself and others) as absurdist, the result of a short attention span, deconstructionist, conceptual, creative, stupid, angry, anti-art, cool, neat, the result of insanity, a waste of time, brilliant, adult ADD, sculpture, assemblage, half thought, installation.


This is the information age for art. I find it difficult to focus with so much information in the world today. I jump from one idea to the next. I try to redefine art and understand myself and the world around me: sex, politics, the mind, religion, human condition, space, time, addiction, recovery, TV, music, love, hate, relationships, afterlife, behavior, experimentation, positive vs. negative space.


I try to make some sort of statement or meaning. I want to see and hear how people react to my work. What part of my subconscious will be reveled? Will my art do something for somebody or nothing for nobody? I try to get attention, but often don’t like it when I get it. Are we simply passing time until we die? I am born with ideas and feel it is my duty to present them.


I am influenced by infinity, the passage of time, our death and birth, as well as other artists, alive and dead.


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